Helping hands, watchful eyes


When we are struggling, it’s sometimes difficult to see the people watching out for us. We see this in schools everyday – students being supported behind the scenes by teams of teachers.

This morning, surfing off a reef quite a way from shore, with my board lost  I was confronted with the prospect of swimming back to shore, a difficult task in a big swell with a strong rip current running across the reef and out to sea.

A fellow surfer asked me when I first lost my board, slightly worried, ‘Are you a competent swimmer?’ I considered myself so, however at that moment I thought somewhat darkly that I was just about to find out. It seems that I still am. When I finally reached shore, I realized than many supportive eyes had been upon me during the swim, ready to lend aid if needed, quietly concerned.  I hadn’t know it in my time of trouble. It struck me that a learner’s journey is much like this. A word for teachers; keep watching, keep caring. They’ll make it.