A few notes on ‘3 of Me’ – an upcoming project by @AmyBurvall


My old friend Soba, responsible for takeaway number three. I loved our walks.

I was recently asked by the inspirational @AmyBurvall to contribute to a project that she has dreamed up. Selecting from a series of prompts, I am getting some ideas together related to a specific learning journey. My task is to describe three big takeaways from my hobby/passion/art. I have chosen the general term ‘writing pursuits’ which touches on different aspects of my life. To find out what Amy will do with these ideas, you will have to stay tuned.

Firstly, I needed to address a problem of definition because I do write as a hobby, but I get slightly obsessive about it so I guess you could call it a passion. As an English teacher I would also consider the process of bringing a new idea into the world, in whatever form, art. However, I won’t waste any more of your time or this precious electronic font on the problem of definition. Writing to me is all of these things. Here are my takeaways. I’ll address each in a separate post, framed with some images of me along the way on this writing journey.

First takeaway… We decide whom we see in the mirror tomorrow.

Second takeaway… Cultivate your procrastination.

Third takeaway… You have to walk the dog.


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