Keep Writing!


Recently, I was asked by the irrepressibly creative @AmyBurvall to say a few words about things that I have learned through one aspect of my life. The first questions that come to mind are which part of life can be chosen and is it possible to isolate an understanding to a single aspect? Parts of my life that come to mind are my work as a principal, my life as a surfer, my penance as an author and my joy as a father. I can’t seem to identify a single understanding of life that can be traced to one of these parts in isolation. I can, however, trace some of these understandings back to the writing process as the stories we tell connect all of the ways that we come to understand the world, or at least an initial glimpse of them. It is story that ties it all together.

This is the greatest benefit of writing, whether it be a tweet, a blog, a personal letter, a diary, a poem or a work of fiction; it helps us to get to know ourselves better. It is simple to get to know someone else. Ourselves, harder. For this reason, keep writing.


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