Principal Interest

Emerging paths in a garden project


Like many projects in school, it is not often possible at the beginning to see where a project’s path will take you. In it’s third year, our MS garden beds are now surrounded by an expanding chicken run, incorporating a modest citrus orchard inside with the chickens; papayas circle outside. On the edge, an area is being cleared for a long-awaited gaga ball pit – gardens are not just for eggs, vegetables and fruit. A student is installing an automated irrigation system for his MYP personal project. A team of MS students tend the chickens daily. Volunteers – parents and students – tend the garden after school.

When we first planted the vegetables, we never expected to start a mini-orchard. When we started the mini-orchard, we never expected to raise chickens. When we raised chickens, we never expected to incorporate gaga ball. You can see the pattern. What’s next?

It seems that the lesson learned is that at the start of a project we should expect the unexpected – each step enabling us in unforeseen ways. Plan as much as you can, but follow the paths as they present themselves.