Principal Interest

Reserving judgement – one of life’s truths


We receive small lessons everyday.

The surf contest that my school’s surf team was competing in today was canceled for safety reasons due to a high surf advisory, but the swell was slow coming in. Even in the dark before sunrise this morning, we could tell that the surf was going to be worth the early rise. The only problem with the perfect waves of Makaha on a morning like this would be the crowd; who crowd for good reason. As first light revealed how good it actually was, we paddled out into a very small group of surfers. Something wasn’t right. It should have been packed, yet wasn’t.

After an hour of beautiful waves on this warm winter morning, judges’ tents magically appeared on the beach and a loudspeaker, breaking the tranquil silence, ordered us out of the water. We were annoyed. We were just getting started. Our minds were focused on the mystery contest and the disruption to our morning it had caused.

It wasn’t until we had left the water and noticed the commotion on the beach that we realized the reason why there was such a small crowd in the surf was because of the contest (only the school section had been canceled) – local surfers had stayed away, as they knew the water would be cleared. There was also a Christmas parade happening unbeknown to us. It was only because we left the water when we did that we passed the police road block that was to isolate this end of the island for three hours – there was only one road out. We made it through with 15 minutes to spare.

So it seems that after initially blaming the contest for ruining our morning, we had much to thank it for – a beautiful hour of uncrowded surfing and also a smooth trip home – so it was lucky we reserved judgment, or at least altered judgement after some thought. We never know what will come of things – an important reminder of one of life’s truths.