Education: What’s changed?

That the classroom today is a very different place than it was thirty years ago is clear. As so many things have remained familiar, it’s hard to see exactly what this shift has encompassed. In many ways, we have simply added more elements to create a more complex relationship between the school and the child. Education has always been interested in ‘content’ and ‘mind’. This focused interest predominantly on the school. More recently, we have added ‘process’ and ‘heart’ into the mix. The focus turns to the child. This is what has made education interesting of late.
As we now promise our families to make learning relevant and engaging, and promise to create specific types of learners, the stakes have been raised. We even promise to treat each child as an individual learner, and involve each in the process of learning. Although the shift is slow in some corners, these extra elements have pervaded all recent educational thought in some manner. Better late than never, however I wish I had not missed it as a child.


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