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Rethinking the dreaded digital footprint


Instructional Tech Talk

Thank you Amy Burvall @amyburvall for sharing the above article by Jeff Herb @InstTechTalk asking us to rethink what a digital footprint can mean for a teacher in the recruiting process.  I think that schools as employers (and colleges/universities) are still reacting to an applicant’s potential digital history with trepidation – searching for something dark, just to be safe. Although at some level, this is undoubtedly necessary, it is a bleak approach to digital footprints, and one out of touch with the reality of digitally connected professionals.

The article suggests that we inquire into an applicant’s digital presence with a mind to strengthen their application, not to deny it. In today’s education systems, digital literacy hasn’t been synonymous with accessing information for a long time. It is now heavily, and increasingly concerned with the production of content and the creation of meaning in collaborative settings. For this reason, a teacher applicant with a strong, positive and professional digital footprint is both what the schools should be looking for, and what teacher applicants should be highlighting. From this, it would seem safe to say that the crafting of a healthy, positive digital footprint should be a skill that all our students learn in school today.