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Bursting Bubbles, Trashing Trolls


Love the visuals Amy. Thank you for the ode – a rarity, and for all your inspiration.


When is the last time you realized you had your own personal rain cloud pouring questions?

This is what I call an impromptu post, and it’s happening because within hours of each other two of my favourite friends – creative and successful gentlemen I admire profoundly – were brave enough to publicly disclose something…

They are scared.

Or maybe they were scared, but somehow soldiered on.

Thankfully for the rest of us they pushed through their internal naysaying and continued with their respective creative processes…but I think it’s worth taking a few minutes to connect some dots.

First, Brad Ovenell-Carter, renown for his sketchnoting with the Paper app by Fifty-Three among other things (like edtech leadership, pedagogical innovation, and whimsical lifeblogging), wrote this post, in which he reveals just how far he has come with his technique, encouraging others to take the risk to share while…

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